Recent Exhibition



7125 Riverside Drive

Dublin, Ohio 43016

March 3, 2020 - June 7,2020

Keny Galleries

300 Beck Columbus, Oh


Bonfoey Gallery

1710 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44115


Past Exhibitions

Selected Solo & Two Person Exhibitions

2020        Dublin Arts Council Gallery, Dublin, Ohio

2017        Bridge Park Gallery, Dublin, Ohio

2013        Ross Museum of Art, Delaware, Ohio

2013        Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art, David

2011       Keny Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

2010       Keny Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

2008       Ohio Dominican University, Columbus, Ohio

2007       Keny Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

2007       Museum of the Red River, Ibadel, Oklahoma

2007       TRAHC Texarkana, Texas

2004       Jefferson Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio

2003       Springfield Museum of Art, Springfield, Ohio

2003       Wayne Center for the Arts, Wooster, Ohio

2001       OSU Faculty Club, Columbus, Ohio

2000       Barth Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

1999       Ohio Dominican College, Columbus, Ohio

1998       Barth Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

1996       Peabody's Art Factory, Columbus, Ohio

1989       Worthington Arts Council, Worthington, Ohio

1985       U.C.C. Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

1983       University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio

1983       Ohio University, Lancaster, Ohio

1983       Denison University, Granville, Ohio

1983       Ohio Dominican College, Columbus, Ohio

1983       SPACES Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019        Bonfoey Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

2019        Faculty Club, The Ohio State University,

                       Columbus, Ohio

2018        Ohio Dominican University, Columbus, Ohio

2018        Phoenix Rising Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2018        Ohio University Museum, Columbus, Ohio

2018        Keny Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

2016       Towrer Gallery, Fort Hays, Columbus, Ohio

2015       University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska

2014       Riffe Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2014       Southern Ohio Museum & Cultural Center,

                      Portsmouth, Ohio

2013       Keny Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

2011        Keny Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

2008       Riffe Gallery, Columbus Ohio

2008       Keny Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

2007       Southern Ohio Museum & Cultural Center,

                     Portsmouth, Ohio

2007       Capital University, Schumacher Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2007       Shirley-Jones Gallery, Yellow Springs, Ohio

2005       The Parker Gallery, Washington, DC

2005        Shirley-Jones Gallery, Yellow Springs, Ohio

2005        Morehead State University, Morehead, Kentucky

2005        Keny Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

2004        Heller Art Images, Omaha, Nebraska

2004        Kiechel Fine Art, Lincoln, Nebraska

2003        Kiechel Fine Art, Lincoln, Nebraska

2003        Shremshock Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2003        Keny Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

2003        Olson-Larsen Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa

2003        Barth Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

2002        Capital University, Schumacher Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2001       Art Access Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2000       Capital University, Schumacher Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

1998       Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

1998       Barth Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

1997       Southern Ohio Museum  & Cultural Center,

                      Portsmouth, Ohio

1996       The Ohio State University, Hopkins Hall Gallery,

                       Columbus, Ohio

1994       Keny Galleries, Columbus, Ohio

1994       Peabody's Art Factory, Columbus, Ohio

1993       Peabody's Art Factory, Columbus, Ohio

1989       Roberta Kuhn Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

1989       Ohio State Fine Arts Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio

1988       Denison University, Granville, Ohio

1988       Cultural Arts Center, Columbus, Ohio           

1987       Jan Cicero Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

1987       Fort Hayes Art Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

1986       Ohio Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

1986       University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska

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